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Quick and Easy

Make your transactions like withdrawals and deposits much quicker and easier in a secure way with us.

Play your Favorite
Rummy Variant

Either it is pools, points, deals or leagues rummy, the rummy variant for you to play is just a few clicks away.

100% Legitimacy

Playing free and safe cash games are absolutely legal and the game is declared as a game of skill by the highest judicial forum.

Play on the Go

With our single page application and mobile app, players experience a smooth browsing and play on the go respectively.

Top-grade Security

We provide a safe and secure platform to play online rummy with an inbuilt fraudulent system that detects any fraud activity in the game.

Multi-lingual Support

To give a new gaming experience to more number of players, our portal supports multi-languages with the high standards.




If I don’t play every day I feel like missing something. It is the best online rummy portal I ever played so far and the cash prizes are increasing day by day. I recommend it to my friends and you as well.

Pratap Rana, Navi Mumbai

MastRummy is the best portal where I can have fair play. One of the rummy variants ‘Points Rummy’ is quite interesting and awesome for me to play. Now I can play my favorite rummy at any time at any place.

Bhasker, Mangalore

I always recommend everyone to play once in Mastrummy, as the game is very easy to play here. The portal is not all about money, I have made many friends by chatting while playing rummy.

Praveen, Bhopal
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Play Online Rummy at MastRummy

Want to play the online rummy? Welcome to, the fastest growing and most popular card game site in India. Players can have fun by playing different variants in the game like points rummy, deals rummy, pools rummy and leagues rummy. MastRummy double your joy in playing with its advanced gaming portal that offers a unique gaming experience and amazing bonuses such as Happy Hours, Special Bonus, Extra Welcome Bonus, Early Deposit Bonus and much more.

Skill is the Secret to Win in Rummy

Playing more is not equal to winning more

It’s has been seen that novice player plays all the game even though they get a bad hand. They just want to be a part of the game and they play out of excitement, which is one of the biggest mistakes in Indian rummy game. Patience is what you required to become the master in the game.

Don’t play rummy when you are sad

People mainly play rummy to escape from the boredom & to refresh their mind. But it is also suggested to not play the rummy games when you are sad or depressed. Rummy requires a lot of presence of mind & if you play emotionally or half-heartedly you’ll lose many games which eventually will affect your pocket.

Learn from mistakes

A successful rummy player is one who learns from the mistakes & avoids it further to fall under the same consequences. Improve your game by self-analyzing and find out the scenario where you lost the game. This will definitely help you in the next game!

Basic requirements to play rummy on Mobile

Downloading the app

MastRummy introduced an application to be compatible with all Android mobiles which, needless to mention, has brought revolution to the world of online Rummy in India. To be able to play the game faster, you need to download this app on your Android mobiles. The process of installation is quite simple too.

Standard Internet Connection

You are not required to buy a costly mobile phone to play rummy on the move using our mobile application. A basic touchscreen smartphone with a 2 GB RAM and 3G internet connection is ample to play rummy on the go.

This is the minimum requirement of the phone that you need. Just make sure that the phone you buy has landscape mode. Only then you will be able to view all the cards at one stretch.

In coming days, we are planning to roll out our mobile application to iOS users too. So the non-android users are no need to worry but wait few more days until then play your favorite game on the desktop or laptop using web page.

Why Online Rummy is Better than Offline Rummy

Easy to play on all devices

Be it Smartphones, tablets or desktops rummy can be played anywhere and anytime. The website & App are designed in such a way that it adapts any interface & layouts irrespective of the size of the screen.

Premium Rewards and Benefits

Online rummy sites reward players from the time they join with welcome bonuses, refer and earn, App download bonuses, weekly deals, and exciting cash prizes. Be the premium member to enjoy all the premium benefits.

Comfort and Convenience

Online Rummy games save your unnecessary time, efforts and money that you might otherwise spend while playing offline. You can play 13 card games anytime, anywhere as long as you have Internet access.

The reason why online rummy sites are far popular than offline ones is that of its “Accessibility”. No matter where you are, players do not have to wait for other people to join them.